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Telecom Services supply, install and maintain business telephone systems, from small analogue systems to large digital hybrid IP PBX systems.

We specialise in the Panasonic and NEC ranges because of their proven long term reliability. Our engineers are all manufacturer trained and have direct access to their support lines.

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What Is VoIP? voip

VoIP is a technology that allows us to make telephone calls over an IP network (like the Internet) instead of over traditional landlines. The main advantage of VoIP over traditional telephony is cost. Line rental costs are lower and calls are cheaper, or even free between VoIP users. By using your IP network for external phone calls, calls between your branches, and home-workers can be completely free, and the cost of calls to calls to your customers and others, significantly reduced.

What is SIP then?

SIP is a Voip protocol. Often the terms SIP and VoIP are used interchangeably.  SIP is just a protocol that allows multiple trunks to be used .usually to replace standard lines on an IP based phone system

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Voice Processing Systems

Streamline your voice traffic with a state of the art Voice Processor.

Auto-Attendants can answer your incoming calls with your own company greeting and assist the caller to direct her/himself to the appropriate department or individual without the need for a dedicated Receptionist.

Voicemail provides answering services for groups or individuals within your business and allows users to have their own individual greeting in day night and lunch modes. They can even forward your voice messages to you by email to provide a complete solution for the mobile team members.


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We can provide your organisation with the facility to record, archive and monitor voice all of your telephone calls.

Experience the benefits of professional, centralised call recording system.  Be able to replay telephone conversations. Send a recording of a conversation by email to colleagues or customers. Protect your organisation's telephone-based sales and service activities.

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DECTAs well as Panasonic DECT,that is designed to integrate with Panasonic  systems, we also supply a professional DECT wireless system called Kirk which can be configured as a standalone system or connected to other PABX's

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Call ManagementCall Management

No matter what size the organisation, a well managed telephone system is vital to the smooth running of the office. From the conventional call to the transfer of electronic information, whether internal communication or offsite, the performance of your company’s telephone system is key to efficiency.

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Communications Assistant

A unified communication productivity software suite to provide staff with business tools to improve user and team productivity.

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Intruder Alarms

The idea of an intruder alarm is to simply try and deter a potential burglary occurring at your home, and it works a treat. After all if your house is alarmed and another house just up the road isn't then your house is a lot less likely to be targeted. A burglar does not want any attention, he just wants to get in with as little fuss as possible take what ever he wants and leave to go on to the next house, if he triggers an alarm system it could obviously ruin his entire day, noise is his worst enemy because it attracts attention.

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On Site PagingTelecom Services supply, and install Scope paging systems. Paging is a excellent low cost solution for contacting staff on large sites like schools, hotels. hospitals or building sites. we can provide a variety of  flexible pager systems to suit your business needs.

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